3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs – Product Description

3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs – Product Description

3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs

Experience ultimate comfort and protection with the 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs. These innovative earplugs eliminate the need for roll down, making fitting quick and hassle-free. With just a gentle push, you can achieve a consistent and secure fit every time.

Easy and Consistent Fitting

Say goodbye to the tedious process of rolling down earplugs. The 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs revolutionize the way you protect your ears. Simply push the earplugs into your ear canal, and they will conform to the shape of your ear for a comfortable and secure fit.

No Need to Handle the Plug Tip

Unlike traditional earplugs, the 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs eliminate the need to handle the plug tip. This feature not only saves you time but also ensures a more hygienic experience. You can confidently use these earplugs even when your hands are dirty.

Blue Flexible Stem for Easy Fitting and Removal

The blue flexible stem of these earplugs makes fitting and removal a breeze. The stem provides a sturdy grip, allowing you to insert and remove the earplugs with ease. Additionally, the stem helps keep the tips clean, ensuring optimal performance.

Shaped and Sized for Maximum Comfort

The E-A-R form foam tip of these earplugs is specially shaped and sized to mold comfortably to fit most ear canals. This ensures a snug and secure fit, providing excellent noise reduction and protection against harmful sound levels.

Noise Reduction Rating of 38 dB

With a noise reduction rating of 38 dB, the 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs offer superior hearing protection. Whether you’re working in a noisy construction site or attending a loud concert, these earplugs will help safeguard your hearing and promote a safer environment.

  • No roll down required
  • Gentle push for easy, consistent fitting
  • Hygienically acceptable
  • Blue flexible stem for easy fitting and removal
  • Shaped and sized for easier fitting
  • Noise reduction rating of 38 dB

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these earplugs reusable?
  2. No, the 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs are designed for single-use only. For optimal performance and hygiene, it is recommended to replace them after each use.

  3. Can these earplugs be used for swimming?
  4. No, these earplugs are not suitable for swimming or water activities. They are specifically designed for noise reduction and hearing protection in industrial, construction, and recreational settings.

  5. Do these earplugs come in different sizes?
  6. The 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs are one-size-fits-most. The foam tip is shaped and sized to comfortably fit the majority of ear canals.


Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with the 3M E-A-R Push-Ins Earplugs. With their innovative design and easy fitting process, these earplugs are a game-changer in hearing protection. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and ineffective earplugs, and say hello to a safer and more enjoyable experience in noisy environments.