ARTISTIK A2 Artist Portfolio Case

ARTISTIK A2 Artist Portfolio Case

ARTISTIK A2 Artist Portfolio Case

Protect Your Portfolio of Artwork in Style

If you’re looking for a portfolio case that looks stylish but professional at the same time, look no further than the Artistik Quartz Art Portfolio Case. The last thing you want in a presentation is to look messy and unorganized. Our portfolio bag will keep your materials and art pieces neat and tidy so you will stand out above the rest.

Key Features

  • Available in A1, A2, A3
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reinforced Carrying Handle and Shoulder Strap
  • 5 Sleeves Included with Strong Metal Rings
  • Full Zippered Closure
  • Extra Padding
  • Internal Pockets and Elastic Straps
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy

2 Internal Pockets for Extra Storage

The carrying tote is more than spacious enough to contain your artwork while the inner pocket can hold art materials like sketch pads, wooden artboard, brushes, watercolor paint tins, and tubes. The included 5 sleeves can hold and protect your photo prints from folding and damage. The elastic strap keeps the contents in place.

Water Resistant Design for Easy Transporting in All Weather Conditions

The Artistik Zippered Portfolio Case is lightweight yet strong and sturdy while looking elegant. Made from black Oxford material, the carrying case is weather-resistant thus protecting everything inside. The shoulder straps make it easy to transport. The two zippers can be opened from either side so you can lay it flat when inserting or removing items. The multi-ring binder mechanism allows the included sleeves to be added or removed efficiently. Excellent value at an affordable price.


The Artistik Quartz Art Portfolio is available in sizes A1, A2 & A3 and features a sleek black Oxford cover, so that you will protect your portfolio of artwork and appear every bit of a professional as you can be. The versatile carrying tote with shoulder strap and carry handle is ideal for artist’s sketchpads, artwork, drawings photographs, posters, and more.


This Art Portfolio’s durable all weather and water resistant design allows for easy transporting in all types of conditions while keeping your work flat and dry. The sturdy, wrap-around zipper closure opens on all sides so you can lay the portfolio flat on a table or floor making it easy to insert or remove your presentation materials inside.


Effortlessly turn, add or remove your work with this portfolio organizer because it includes 5 transparent sleeves contained in a multi-ring binder allowing you to easily access what you need while adding another layer of protection to your presentation materials. The inside elastic strap with clip also ensures that your artwork stays in place during travel.


The Artistik Art Portfolio Case can also accommodate a variety of materials. Multi-layer pockets will hold all your art supplies. Including pens and brushes, sketch pads, watercolor tins or acrylic tubes. All the practicality you’d expect from a well made art case. Recommend for anyone looking for a stylish art portfolio that stands out above the rest.

A great gift idea for that student or artist you love!
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