Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes

Experience all-day comfort with the Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes. The modern design and breathable knit upper provide a distraction-free run.

Engineered Knit Upper

The upper of the Altra Escalante 3’s utilise a breathable knit, designed to adapt to your foot’s movement without sacrificing performance. It is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, creating a smooth, distraction-free run. The knitted construction allows air to flow throughout the shoes, reducing heat build-up and keeping you cool. The sock-like fit ensures complete comfort for all-day wear.

Altra EGO Midsole

The Escalante 3 uses extremely responsive and high-performing EVA through the midsole construction, providing supreme cushioning and rebound. The Balanced Cushioning platform ensures better alignment and comfort, while the FootShape toe box gives feet more space in the shoes.

Go Further

  • Our original Altra EGO foam provides added energy return and a responsive, comfortable feel.

Get Comfortable

  • Signature Altra Balanced Cushioning and FootShape toe boxes allow your toes to spread and encourages proper, low-impact form throughout your run.

Push Yourself

  • InnerFlex midsole technology ensures increased flexibility and performance.

Lock In

  • The sock-like engineered knit upper keeps your foot comfortable and locked in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these shoes suitable for long-distance running?

Yes, the Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes are designed for all-day comfort and are suitable for long-distance running.

Do these shoes provide good ventilation?

Yes, the knitted upper construction allows for excellent ventilation, keeping your feet cool during runs.


The Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Running Shoes are a perfect combination of style and comfort. With a modern design, breathable knit upper, and responsive midsole, these shoes will provide you with a smooth and distraction-free running experience.