Arrowzoom 12 Acoustic Panels – Product Description

Arrowzoom 12 Acoustic Panels – Product Description

Arrowzoom 12 Acoustic Panels

Are you looking to improve the acoustic quality of your recording studio, performance venue, or any other space? Look no further than Arrowzoom 12 Acoustic Panels. With high-end specs and easy installation, these panels are the perfect solution for noise cancellation and sound absorption.

Improved Acoustic Quality

By deadening unwanted sounds using absorption panels, you can make other sounds much clearer. Arrowzoom acoustic treatment sound panels also lead to improve intelligibility of speech in lecture rooms, recording booth, podcasting suits, cinema room, or performance venues. Perfect fit for retail and dining environments.

High-End Specs

Arrowzoom foam panels absorb mid to high range frequencies (500-8000Hz) and diminish echoes and reverb up to 3/4 db. High Density acoustic baffles foam at 26 kg / m鲁 , great wall coverage (1.5 sqm). 25x25x5/50x50x5cm (bottom+top), easy to cut to meet your needs. Increased acoustic performance due to profiling. Our wedge sound insulation boards are made with absorptive foam, therefore higher performance when below 1hz compared to other type of sound tiles.

Easy to Install

You can install our sound acoustic panels to your ceilings or hang them on the wall. Whether you need to install acoustic panels for your conference room, theatre, entertainment venue or any other settings, where controlling and managing the level and quality of sound is essential, Arrowzoom acoustic tiles is your best choice. Our audio panels target to effectively kill any standing waves and floating echoes while maintaining an easy to install approach.


Comes in many different styles that enhance the beauty of each space and blend with its interior design, ranging from the different colors to different thickness and size, depending on your specifications and needs. Great to make your studio walls, living room, halls more stylish and unique. Can be used to protect musical equipment during a move, concert, flight, and so on. Perfect as pad for suitcases, guitar cases, laptop case, console case;easy fill for all storage units.


The color of the actual product may vary from the images shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, for large orders, your shipment may be divided into multiple packages, leading to varying delivery times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Arrowzoom 12 Acoustic Panels are the perfect solution for improving the acoustic quality of any space. With their high-end specs, easy installation, and aesthetic appeal, these panels are a must-have for recording studios, performance venues, and more.