Blue Ice Fragrance Oil – Aroma Retail

Blue Ice Fragrance Oil – Aroma Retail

Blue Ice Fragrance Oil

Experienced at Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas, 4 oz Refill for Aroma Diffusion Machine


When used in your home with our powerful diffuser, this aroma will make every day feel like a relaxing day on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This fresh and airy blend contains ingredients that are compliant with the CA Proposition 65, such as cucumber, sweet melon, rose, and lily of the valley. In addition, it has top notes of grapefruit, green apple, cucumber, melon, ozone, mid notes of Damascena rose, and base notes of blond woods and musk.


  • Eliminates bad odors in living rooms, workshops, offices, and more
  • Keeps kitchen smells contained
  • Freshens up home gyms
  • Helps with pet odors
  • Commercial-grade atomizer
  • Adjustable scent intensity
  • Non-toxic and VOC-free
  • Lasts up to a month
  • Promotes happiness and optimism
  • May help with anxiety, stress, focus, and sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the fragrance oil last?

When used in our diffusers, the 4-ounce fragrance oil should last about a month, running seven days a week, 12 hours a day, at average intensity (25-30%).

Do I need to dilute the oil with water?

No, our Aroma Diffusion Machine does not require you to dilute the oil with water. Simply fill your home or office with the desired scent.

Is the fragrance oil safe?

Yes, our fragrance oil does not contain toxins or VOCs that could cause allergic reactions.


Transform your space into a calming oasis with the Blue Ice Fragrance Oil. Experience the refreshing blend of cucumber, sweet melon, rose, and lily of the valley. Our commercial-grade diffuser will eliminate bad odors and create a fresh and airy atmosphere. With adjustable scent intensity and long-lasting fragrance, this aroma oil is perfect for any home or office. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a relaxing Mediterranean experience.