DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection

DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection

DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection

When it comes to working at heights, safety should always be the top priority. The DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection is designed to provide the ultimate protection for workers in various industries. Whether you’re working on a construction site, performing maintenance on a tall building, or engaging in any activity at height, this safety harness is a must-have.

Main Features

Vest-Style Full Body Safety Harness

The vest-style design ensures a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer, allowing for extended wear without discomfort.

3 D-Rings

Equipped with three D-rings for versatile attachment points, allowing for different configurations based on the specific job requirements.

Belt Padding

The added padding on the belt provides extra comfort and support, reducing the strain on the wearer during prolonged use.

Quick Connect Legs Chest

The quick connect feature allows for easy and efficient donning and doffing of the harness, saving valuable time on the job.


  • Ensures safety at heights
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Versatile attachment points
  • Reduced strain on the wearer
  • Efficient donning and doffing


Is the harness adjustable?

Yes, the harness is fully adjustable to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

What is the weight capacity of the harness?

The harness is rated for a maximum weight capacity of 310 lbs (140 kg).

Is the harness suitable for use in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, the harness is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, making it suitable for use in various settings.


The DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working at heights. With its vest-style design, multiple D-rings, belt padding, and quick connect features, it provides the necessary safety and comfort for workers in demanding environments. Invest in the DAONPHARI Safety Harness Fall Protection and ensure peace of mind for you and your team.