DEVINK Face Down Pillow After Eye Surgery

DEVINK Face Down Pillow After Eye Surgery

DEVINK Face Down Pillow After Eye Surgery

Are you looking for a comfortable and effective solution for sleeping after eye surgery? The DEVINK Face Down Pillow is the perfect choice for post vitrectomy and retinal detachment recovery. This portable prone pillow is designed to provide the support and comfort you need during the healing process.

Key Features

Comfortable Design

The DEVINK Face Down Pillow features a contoured design that allows you to rest your face comfortably while keeping your eyes and nose free from pressure. The soft, plush material provides a gentle cushion for your face, ensuring a restful sleep.

Adjustable Straps

With adjustable straps, this pillow can be secured to your existing pillow or mattress, allowing you to find the perfect angle for sleeping face down. The straps also ensure that the pillow stays in place throughout the night, so you can rest without any discomfort.

Portable and Lightweight

This prone pillow is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re recovering at home or traveling for follow-up appointments, the DEVINK Face Down Pillow provides the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pillow suitable for all eye surgeries?

Yes, the DEVINK Face Down Pillow is designed to be used after a variety of eye surgeries, including vitrectomy and retinal detachment repair. It provides the necessary support and comfort for a smooth recovery.

Can the pillow be used by both adults and children?

Yes, the adjustable straps and contoured design make this pillow suitable for both adults and children. It can be easily customized to fit different sleeping positions and preferences.


The DEVINK Face Down Pillow is an essential piece of equipment for anyone recovering from eye surgery. Its comfortable design, adjustable straps, and portability make it the perfect choice for post-operative care. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and hello to restful sleep with the DEVINK Face Down Pillow.