Denny International Ultrasport Bike Work Stand

Denny International Ultrasport Bike Work Stand

Denny International Ultrasport Bike Work Stand

Janoon offers Janoon Ultrasport Bike Work Stand, Bike Repair Stand Maintenance Station Adjustable Folding, for Bike Maintenance & Repairs, 4 leg, Black Colour


It’s no longer necessary to fix bikes the hard way. Treat yourself to this bike repair stand and fix your bicycle in style. Whether you are a seasoned bicycle mechanic or a parent who has to keep your children’s bikes maintained–this is the ideal product for you. Durable enough for professionals, while being an easy to use and convenient option for the rest of us. Comes with a number of features that make life easier such as a detachable tray and height adjustable telescopic bar that lets you raise and lower the bike as desired. The clamp gives you a full 360 rotation to reach those awkward spots! Easily move the area you need to repair into the light.


  • Parts tray – (detachable) keeps all the nuts and parts in one place. Prevents you losing bits and bobs in the middle of a repair. Can also be moved from the stand whenever the need arises!
  • Rubber jaws on the clamp – will hold your bike securely without damaging the bike’s coating.
  • 360 degree rotation – the clamp has a wide freedom of movement. Repairs are sometimes needed at the most inconvenient location. But with this professional solution such inconvenience will be a thing of the past.
  • Telescopic Bar – Position the bike at the perfect height.
  • Front Wheel Stabilizer – makes your life easier while doing those intricate repairs.
  • Easily folds for convenient storage – stow it out of the way when you aren’t using it.
  • Compact design – Won’t up much of your precious space compared with the functionality and benefits it provides.
  • Adjustable clamp stand – can hold a wide variety of bike types, and many of the standard types such as BMX, Mountain Bike, etc.
  • Dimensions: Extendable from 105 – 190 cm, Tray size : 13 x 24.5cm ( H x W)

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Bicycle Repair Stand
  • 1 x Parts Tray
  • 1 x Front wheel stabilizer
  • 1 x Instructions