Desview T12 Adjustable Teleprompter

Desview T12 Adjustable Teleprompter

Professional Splitter Glass Teleprompter with 12.5 inch HD Tempered Optical Glass Support Wide Angle Camera Shooting with Remote Control for iPad Tablet Smartphone Studio Making Video Live Streaming.

High Definition Glass

10/30 Beam Splitter Glass with 26 Coated Layers for highest definition prompting, easy to read.

Wide Angle View

Supports more than 24mm horizontal/ shooting and less than 35mm vertical shooting with no vignetting.

Portable and Protective

Comes with a portable aluminum case for easy transport and protection.

Easy Assembly

Hassle-free setup for recording with a camera or cellphone.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Comes with a remote control for scrolling through text and adjusting speed.