FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH – Product Description

FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH – Product Description


Are you in need of a reliable and efficient cooling solution? Look no further than the FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH. This high-quality fan is designed to provide optimal cooling performance for various applications. With its advanced features and durable construction, it is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial use.

Features and Benefits

1. Powerful Cooling

The FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH delivers a strong airflow to effectively cool your equipment. Whether you need to cool a computer, server, or other electronic devices, this fan will ensure efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

2. Quiet Operation

Unlike many other fans on the market, the FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH operates quietly, allowing you to work or relax without any distracting noise. Its advanced motor design and optimized blade shape ensure minimal noise while still providing excellent cooling performance.

3. Tachometer Function

This fan is equipped with a tachometer function, which allows you to monitor its speed and ensure it is operating at the desired level. This feature is especially useful for applications that require precise control over fan speed, such as overclocking or temperature-sensitive environments.

4. Easy Installation

The FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH is designed for easy installation. It comes with mounting screws and a standard 3-pin connector, making it compatible with most devices. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, you will appreciate the hassle-free installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this fan compatible with my computer?

A: Yes, the FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH is compatible with most computers. It uses a standard 3-pin connector, which is widely supported by motherboards and fan controllers.

Q: Can I adjust the fan speed?

A: Yes, the tachometer function allows you to monitor and adjust the fan speed according to your needs. You can use software or hardware fan controllers to control the speed.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: The FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH comes with a 2-year warranty. If you encounter any issues with the fan, simply contact our customer support for assistance.


The FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH is the perfect cooling solution for your needs. With its powerful cooling, quiet operation, tachometer function, and easy installation, it offers everything you need in a fan. Don’t let overheating damage your equipment, invest in the FAN 12VDC 60X15MM TACH today and enjoy reliable and efficient cooling.