GLIVE (LABEL) Wheeled Collapsible Handcart

GLIVE (LABEL) Wheeled Collapsible Handcart

This is a collapsible handcart designed for easy transportation of goods.

Portable Folding Shopping Trolley

A trolley that can be folded and carried around for shopping convenience.

Supermarket Storage Box

A box designed for storage of goods in a supermarket setting.

Wheeled Car Trunk with Telescopic Handle

A trunk with wheels and a handle that can be extended for easy transportation.

38.5 x 35 x 8 cm

The dimensions of the collapsible handcart when unfolded for use.


A label indicating the brand or manufacturer of the product.

Evaluation: The GLIVE Wheeled Collapsible Handcart is a convenient and practical solution for transporting goods, whether it’s for shopping or storage. The collapsible design and telescopic handle make it easy to use and store, and the sturdy wheels ensure smooth movement. Overall, it’s a great tool for anyone looking for a portable and efficient way to carry items.