Heschen Pneumatic Slim Air Cylinder – MAL 40-250

Heschen Pneumatic Slim Air Cylinder – MAL 40-250

Heschen Pneumatic Slim Air Cylinder – MAL 40-250

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient pneumatic air cylinder for your industrial applications? Look no further than the Heschen Pneumatic Slim Air Cylinder – MAL 40-250. With a 40mm bore and 250mm stroke, this double-acting cylinder is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact package.

Key Features

Compact Design

The slim design of the MAL 40-250 makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. Its compact size does not compromise its power and functionality, making it a versatile choice for various industrial settings.

Double Acting

This air cylinder is double acting, providing consistent and precise movement in both directions. Whether you need to push, pull, lift, or lower, the MAL 40-250 delivers reliable performance every time.

PT1/4 Port

Featuring a PT1/4 port, this air cylinder is compatible with standard pneumatic systems, allowing for easy integration into your existing setup. The port size ensures efficient air flow for optimal performance.


  • Bore: 40mm
  • Stroke: 250mm
  • Action: Double Acting
  • Port Size: PT1/4


Is the MAL 40-250 suitable for heavy-duty applications?

Yes, the MAL 40-250 is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Can the air cylinder be customized for specific requirements?

Heschen offers customization options for the MAL 40-250 to meet specific application needs. Contact us for more information on customization.


The Heschen Pneumatic Slim Air Cylinder – MAL 40-250 is a reliable and versatile solution for your pneumatic cylinder needs. With its compact design, double-acting functionality, and PT1/4 port, it is ready to deliver consistent performance in various industrial environments.