Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit

Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit

Pegboard Set for Improved Motor Coordination

Hand, Wrist and Finger Dexterity

Hand Rehabilitation, Occupational & Physical Therapy for Adults and Elderly

Product Description
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The Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit is designed to improve motor coordination, hand, wrist, and finger dexterity. It is ideal for hand rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for adults and the elderly. The kit includes a pegboard set with 9 pegs and a stopwatch to track progress. The plastic pegboard is designed to test motor skills and perform various motor tasks to improve function and visual coordination. It is great for patients who have suffered a stroke or other neurological issues that require neuropsychological tests. The one-piece design features a molded dish next to the 9-hole peg board to keep reach consistent. All pieces of the sanitary pegboard can be cleaned with disinfectant. The board measures 12.25 inches x 10.25 inches x 1.6857 inches.

Overall, the Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit is a valuable tool for improving motor skills and coordination in patients undergoing rehabilitation or therapy.