MB Quart RK1-169 Reference Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers

MB Quart RK1-169 Reference Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers

Upgrade Your Car Audio with MB Quart RK1-169 Reference Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers

Are you tired of your car audio system sounding dull and lifeless? Do you want to experience music the way it was meant to be heard? Look no further than the MB Quart RK1-169 Reference Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers. These speakers are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and enhance your driving experience.

Key Features

Titanium Dome Tweeters

The MB Quart RK1-169 speakers are equipped with 0.75″ titanium dome tweeters. These tweeters reproduce high frequencies with exceptional clarity and accuracy, allowing you to hear every detail in your favorite songs.

WideSphere Technology

The innovative tweeter design of the RK1-169 speakers creates an off-axis dispersion pattern, resulting in a larger sound stage. This means that the sound is spread out more evenly, giving you a more immersive listening experience.

Curvilinear Cone

The lightweight craft pulp with bamboo fiber cone of the RK1-169 speakers adds strength and superior bass frequency reproduction. This means that you’ll be able to feel the deep, powerful bass in your music.

Low Resonant Frame

The speaker frame of the RK1-169 speakers is made from aerospace grade PA66 composite with 30% glass fiber. This ensures that no harmonic distortions affect the tone of the speaker, resulting in clean and accurate sound reproduction.

Designed to Fit

MB Quart engineers work closely with vehicle designers to ensure a perfect fit of every speaker. Whether you’re upgrading your existing speakers or doing a full custom installation, you can trust that the RK1-169 speakers will fit seamlessly into your car.

High-Quality Construction

The RK1-169 speakers are engineered with a lightweight curvilinear craft pulp with bamboo fiber cone, which adds strength and superior bass frequency reproduction. High temperature adhesives are utilized to keep the coupling from cone to surround fused, ensuring durability even in extreme weather conditions.

The speakers also feature high temperature imported wire on Kapton former, which is lighter than a standard speaker. This allows the component to support slightly higher frequency extension and efficiency, resulting in improved overall sound quality.

Reference Coax Design

The RK1-169 speakers are designed with a built-in crossover, which guides the frequencies from the amplifier to each speaker. This system is engineered with tight tolerance components for superb sound quality, ensuring that you’ll hear every note with clarity and precision.

Grilles Included

The RK1-169 speakers come with grilles included, so you can protect your investment and keep your speakers looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these speakers compatible with my car?

A: The RK1-169 speakers are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. However, we recommend checking the specifications and dimensions of your car’s speaker openings to ensure compatibility.

Q: Do I need an amplifier to use these speakers?

A: While these speakers can be powered by a head unit, we recommend using an amplifier to get the best sound quality and performance.

Q: Can I install these speakers myself?

A: If you have basic knowledge of car audio systems and the necessary tools, you should be able to install these speakers yourself. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, we recommend consulting a professional.


Upgrade your car audio system with the MB Quart RK1-169 Reference Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers. With their advanced features and high-quality construction, these speakers will transform your driving experience and allow you to enjoy music like never before. Don’t settle for mediocre sound – invest in the best.