The PROCUSPRO VR Headset offers a 100-120 degree FOV for the highest immersive experience. It also features 3.5mm jack inbuilt headphones and comes with the Procus Stingray VR Controller in Grey.

Immersive Experience

With a wide field of view and inbuilt headphones, the PROCUSPRO VR Headset provides an immersive experience for virtual reality users.

Comfortable Fit

The headset is designed for a comfortable fit, allowing users to enjoy extended VR sessions without discomfort.

Easy Controls

The Procus Stingray VR Controller makes it easy to navigate and interact with virtual environments.

Audio Quality

The inbuilt headphones deliver high-quality audio for an enhanced VR experience.

Overall Satisfaction

Users have reported high satisfaction with the PROCUSPRO VR Headset, praising its comfort, immersive experience, and audio quality.