PetgladDog Life Jacket – The Perfect Lifesaver for Your Dog

PetgladDog Life Jacket – The Perfect Lifesaver for Your Dog

PetgladDog Life Jacket – The Perfect Lifesaver for Your Dog

Introducing the PetgladDog Life Jacket, the ultimate safety gear for your beloved furry friend. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a boat trip, or a swim in the pool, this wings design pet life vest is a must-have for every dog owner.

Why Choose PetgladDog Life Jacket?

1. Superior Flotation: The PetgladDog Life Jacket is designed to provide maximum buoyancy, keeping your dog afloat in the water. The wings design adds extra support and stability, ensuring your dog stays safe and secure.

2. Durable and Comfortable: Made from high-quality materials, this life vest is built to last. The adjustable straps and buckles ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your dog, allowing them to move freely without any restrictions.

3. Convenient Handle: The built-in handle on the back of the life jacket allows you to easily lift and rescue your dog from the water. It also comes in handy during training sessions or when you need to control your dog’s movements.

Available in Sizes for Every Dog

The PetgladDog Life Jacket is available in sizes for puppies, small, medium, and large dogs. It is important to choose the right size to ensure a proper fit and maximum safety. Refer to our size chart to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Size Chart:

  1. Puppy: 10-20 lbs
  2. Small: 20-30 lbs
  3. Medium: 30-50 lbs
  4. Large: 50-90 lbs
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the PetgladDog Life Jacket suitable for all breeds?
  2. Yes, the life jacket is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Just make sure to choose the right size for your dog.

  3. Can my dog wear the life jacket for long periods?
  4. While the life jacket is designed for water activities, it is not recommended to keep it on for extended periods. Allow your dog to take breaks and remove the life jacket when not in use.

  5. Is the life jacket easy to clean?
  6. Yes, the PetgladDog Life Jacket is easy to clean. Simply hand wash it with mild soap and water, and let it air dry.


Ensure the safety of your furry friend during water activities with the PetgladDog Life Jacket. With its wings design, superior flotation, and convenient handle, this life vest is the perfect lifesaver for your dog. Choose the right size from our size chart and let your dog enjoy the water with confidence and style.