Plastic Clipboards – The Perfect Tool for Organization

Plastic Clipboards – The Perfect Tool for Organization

Plastic Clipboards – The Perfect Tool for Organization

Are you tired of dealing with loose papers and disorganized documents? Look no further than our Plastic Clipboards! This set of 6 multi-pack clipboards in black is the perfect solution for all your organizational needs. With a strong and durable construction, these clipboards are designed to hold up to 100 sheets securely. Say goodbye to messy desks and hello to a more organized workspace!

Why Choose Our Plastic Clipboards?

1. Versatility

Our Plastic Clipboards are incredibly versatile and can be used in various settings. Whether you’re a student, teacher, office worker, or simply someone who wants to stay organized, these clipboards are the perfect tool for you. Use them for taking notes, writing reports, holding important documents, or even as a portable writing surface. The possibilities are endless!

2. Durability

Constructed from high-quality acrylic, our clipboards are built to last. The strong 12.5 x 9-inch design ensures that they can withstand daily use without bending or breaking. You can trust that our clipboards will hold up even in the most demanding environments. No more worrying about flimsy clipboards that can’t handle the job!

3. Secure Grip

Our clipboards feature big clip board clips that provide a secure grip on your documents. The sturdy clips hold your papers in place, preventing them from slipping or falling out. Whether you’re walking around the office or attending a meeting, you can trust that your important papers will stay securely attached to the clipboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sheets can the clipboards hold?

A: Our Plastic Clipboards can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. This makes them perfect for holding multiple documents, reports, or even a thick stack of notes.

Q: Are the clipboards suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, our clipboards are designed to withstand various environments, including outdoor use. The durable acrylic construction ensures that they won’t warp or deteriorate when exposed to different weather conditions.

Q: Can I purchase additional clipboards?

A: Yes, we offer additional clipboards for purchase. Simply contact our customer service team, and they will be happy to assist you with your order.


Don’t let disorganization hold you back. Invest in our Plastic Clipboards and experience the benefits of a more organized workspace. With their versatility, durability, and secure grip, these clipboards are the perfect tool for students, teachers, office workers, and anyone who wants to stay organized. Get your set of 6 multi-pack clipboards in black today and take the first step towards a more organized and efficient work environment!