Schuberth S2 / C3 / Pro Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Visor DARK TINT 50/59

Schuberth S2 / C3 / Pro Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Visor DARK TINT 50/59

Upgrade Your Schuberth Helmet with a Dark Tint Visor

Are you looking to enhance your riding experience with a new visor for your Schuberth S2, C3, or Pro motorcycle helmet? Look no further than the dark tint replacement visor in 50/59 nanometers. This high-quality visor is designed to provide both style and functionality, making it the perfect addition to your gear.

Key Features

Enhanced Visibility

The dark tint visor offers improved visibility in bright conditions, reducing glare and allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

UV Protection

With built-in UV protection, this visor helps shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride.

Easy Installation

Designed for quick and easy installation, the replacement visor can be effortlessly swapped out, allowing you to customize your helmet in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the visor compatible with all Schuberth helmet models?

Yes, the dark tint replacement visor is suitable for use with Schuberth S2, C3, and Pro motorcycle helmets.

Can the visor be used in all weather conditions?

While the dark tint visor is ideal for bright and sunny days, it may not be suitable for low-light or nighttime riding. We recommend using a clear visor for optimal visibility in darker conditions.


Upgrade your Schuberth motorcycle helmet with the dark tint replacement visor and enjoy improved visibility, UV protection, and effortless installation. Enhance your riding experience and stay safe on the road with this high-quality visor.