Scrabble: National Parks | Official Scrabble Word Game with a National Parks Theme

Scrabble: National Parks | Official Scrabble Word Game with a National Parks Theme

Scrabble: National Parks

Are you a fan of both Scrabble and the great outdoors? Look no further! Introducing the official Scrabble word game with a national parks theme. This unique edition celebrates the US National Parks Service while providing all the classic Scrabble fun you know and love.

Classic Scrabble Rules with a Twist

Just like the traditional Scrabble game, players will still use their letter tiles to form words on the game board. However, in this special edition, the game board and tiles feature stunning images and facts about various national parks across the United States. It’s a fun and educational way to learn more about these natural wonders while enjoying a game night with friends and family.

Celebrate US National Parks Service

With every purchase of the Scrabble: National Parks edition, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the US National Parks Service. Not only will you have a blast playing the game, but you’ll also be contributing to the preservation and maintenance of these beautiful parks for future generations to enjoy.

What’s Included

  • Customized Scrabble game board featuring national parks
  • Special edition Scrabble tiles with park-themed designs
  • Classic Scrabble rules and instructions
  • Hours of fun and learning for all ages
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this edition suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Scrabble: National Parks edition is designed for players of all ages. It’s a great way to introduce kids to the beauty of national parks while also providing a fun and challenging game for adults.

Can I use this edition with my existing Scrabble set?

While the game board and tiles are unique to the National Parks edition, the rules and letter distribution remain the same as classic Scrabble. You can mix and match the tiles with your existing set for added variety.

Are there different difficulty levels for this edition?

The game follows the standard Scrabble rules, so players can choose their own level of difficulty based on their vocabulary and strategic skills. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by both casual and competitive players.


Whether you’re a Scrabble enthusiast, a nature lover, or both, the Scrabble: National Parks edition is a must-have for your game collection. With its unique theme, educational value, and support for the US National Parks Service, it’s a game that offers so much more than just entertainment. Get ready to spell your way through the national parks and have a blast doing it!