Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers – Navy

Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers – Navy


These junior hockey shoes bring street style and performance to the pitch. A sneaker-like silhouette with an inner sock construction which helps with support and comfort. The multi-stud grid rubber outsole assists multi-directional movement, with small cutouts to reduce the overall weight. The lightweight EVA midsole supports lateral stability and adds cushioning for long-lasting comfort. An inner lightweight sock construction provides comfort, hugging your foot, enclosed within a synthetic shell offering stability and durability.

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Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers – Navy | Street Style and Performance

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Get the perfect blend of street style and performance with the Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers in navy. These junior hockey shoes feature a sneaker-like silhouette, inner sock construction for support and comfort, multi-stud grid rubber outsole for multi-directional movement, lightweight EVA midsole for stability and cushioning, and a synthetic shell for durability.


Are you looking for hockey shoes that not only perform well on the pitch but also bring a touch of street style? Look no further than the Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers in navy. These junior hockey shoes combine the best of both worlds, offering a sneaker-like silhouette and top-notch performance features.

Key Features

  • Street style meets performance
  • Inner sock construction for support and comfort
  • Multi-stud grid rubber outsole for multi-directional movement
  • Small cutouts to reduce overall weight
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for lateral stability and cushioning
  • Inner lightweight sock construction for comfort
  • Synthetic shell for stability and durability

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these shoes suitable for junior hockey players?

Yes, these hockey shoes are specifically designed for junior players. They provide the necessary support and comfort for young athletes.

2. Can these shoes be used on different types of surfaces?

Yes, the multi-stud grid rubber outsole allows for multi-directional movement, making these shoes suitable for various surfaces.

3. Are these shoes lightweight?

Yes, these shoes have small cutouts in the outsole to reduce the overall weight, making them lightweight and easy to move in.

4. Do these shoes offer good stability?

Yes, the lightweight EVA midsole provides lateral stability, ensuring you stay balanced during quick movements on the pitch.

5. How durable are these shoes?

These shoes feature a synthetic shell that offers stability and durability, making them long-lasting even with regular use.


The Youngstar Hockey Astro Trainers in navy are the perfect choice for junior hockey players who want to stand out on the pitch. With their street style and performance features, these shoes offer the best of both worlds. Experience support, comfort, and durability with every step. Get your pair today and elevate your game!