yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults

yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults

yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults

Are you looking for the perfect weighted blanket to enhance your sleep experience? Look no further than the yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults. This premium blanket is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation, allowing you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep every time.

Key Features

Weight and Size

The yescool Weighted Blanket weighs 15 lbs and measures 60″ x 80″, making it perfect for individuals weighing 140-160 lbs. The queen size dimensions ensure that you have ample space to move around while still enjoying the benefits of the weighted blanket.

Cooling Technology

Unlike traditional weighted blankets, the yescool blanket features cooling technology that helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Say goodbye to overheating and night sweats, and hello to a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

Premium Glass Bead Filling

The blanket is filled with premium glass beads that are evenly distributed to provide gentle and even pressure across your body. This promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, helping you drift off into a peaceful slumber.


  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Helps alleviate anxiety and insomnia
  • Provides a comforting and secure feeling
  • Enhances overall well-being


Is the blanket machine washable?

Yes, the yescool Weighted Blanket is machine washable. Simply follow the care instructions provided to ensure the longevity of the blanket.

Can the blanket be used by children?

While the blanket is designed for adults, it can also be used by older children and teenagers under adult supervision.


Experience the ultimate comfort and relaxation with the yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults. Its cooling technology, premium glass bead filling, and perfect size make it the ideal choice for individuals looking to improve their sleep quality and overall well-being. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults


Yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults

Yescool Weighted Blanket for Adults

More choice

More weighted blankets adults, soft blankets to keep warm, or gifts for mothers are provided for you, just click into our shop.

Choose us, choose a standard size

Weighted blankets for adults are available in 60″x80″,48″x72″, which is measured by standard size, do no worry about deviation, you can choose them according to your needs and the size of your bed. kids weighted blankets are available in 36″x48″,41″x60″, you can choose them as a present for your kids.

The science behind the weighted blanket

The science behind the weighted blanket is a method called deep touch pressure, in which you can feel a hug or during a massage, making you feel calm, happy, and relaxed. The weight of a heavy blanket also relieves tossing/turning throughout the night helps you get to sleep faster and stay asleep till the morning! If you are struggling with sleep issues or have trouble sleeping at night or under deep pressure that needs a relaxing and good sleep, our weighted blanket calm is a very good choice.

Commitment of Product

We are devoted to sharing our products with every consumer and do our best to make you satisfied. If you have any problems and concerns about the weighted blanket, please contact us, we are pleased to help you solve them.

Choose Right Size

Weighted blanket which owns 10% of your body weight is recommended. 20 lb weighted blanket queen size is perfect for adult 190-210 lbs, also fit couple, you can use it in you queen size bed.

Just on Top of Mattress

Yescool weighted blankets for adults apply deep calming pressure to help you feel more relaxed while you rest or sleep. Due to enough pressure, the weighted blanket queen size will fit your body very well, which means it just be on top of the mattress of your queen-size bed, and may make you think it is smaller.

Tightly Stitching & Durable

Our weighted blanket for women & man composed of 5″x5″ small enough compartments stitched by high-density 15000 stitches to tightly make glass beads stay put in the square all the time to bring you a more durable weighted blanket with no glass beads leakage.

Versatile Scenery

When you drag a weary body and half asleep mind go home from tedious work, lie on the bed or sofa and cover your body with 20 pound weighted blanket for adults for about 15 minutes to release your muscles, almost like a massage, soothing your bad mood. For sleep deprivation, or even more serious conditions, weighted blanket 20 lbs also could help you sleep fast.

Decent Gift Idea

Receiving gifts is fun while finding gift ideas, errrr…not so much. What could beat a weighted blanket used for every sleep as gifts for men, women, couples, everyone, Mother’s Day? Just handing out gifts and waiting for their surprise expression.